The evolution of user interfaces

The evolution of the graphic and visual environment of the different platforms that we can use every day is not always as well documented, analyzed and interpreted as it should be. We will take advantage of this article to discuss it somewhat, at least in an introductory way. There will most likely be other articles about design and questions to ask for your opinion on the different facets involved.

Unlike Google for instance, which is limited to changes in its logo and some changes such as rounding angles (what most current players do), Facebook shows us the evolutionary aspect that can illustrate the design of the user experience. Indeed, apart from the blue color that has changed very little since its inception, developments are diverse and significant.

We gradually note the appearance of icons replacing some menu titles. There is also the gradual enhancement of photos and the place they can take on the screen, including the famous cover photo, which has since been reiterated by a number of platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin or Soundcloud. Anyway, Facebook remains a reference in the field and we note its influence on an unlimited number of new applications although now it seems noticeable to rely on one of its largest acquisitions, namely the photo publication tool Instagram, especially through daily stories, a system that has become unavoidable.

Lately we can also note the arrival of themes ‘dark’ or ‘night mode’, rather dark, just like Twitter, the Adobe software packe (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.) for some time or more recently Mac OS who let themselves go to the idea of limiting the white light possibly to less tire the eye the user. Indeed this practice initially reserved for developers (like the Terminal, very often decked with a black background or at least rather dark) seems to expand. Regarding this point and the image of the first prototype, Meaw is rather dark, although the possibility of light tones will simultaneously see the day, and ideally the ability to select themes in various colors for all tastes.

Overall, we note the trend toward significant simplification of interfaces in general. Twitter is a good example, although it is not really an evolution but rather an initial situation that has become stronger over time and the growing craze for the application. The functions are simple, clear and efficient, so do not bother with frills.

To conclude, I will say that Meaw will surely be inspired here and there of what is already done in this area but the ultimate objective remains as much as possible to develop an original visual, effective and especially to listen to what the users would appreciate the most.

Have a nice day or a nice night ending with some small memories of another time;)